Monday, May 10, 2010

Traveling between Shenzhen and Hong Kong

Part 2: Shenzhen to and from Hong Kong

This is one of the easiest journeys you can really make.

The best method: MTR. 

That's the main page for the MTR service, and you can get just about all the info you could ever want on that website.

My recommendation is to get the Octopus card, so you can avoid having to line up at the machines every time you want to take a ride. Additionally, the only disadvantage is a $7 HKD charge for returning it within 90 days of obtaining it. Not really a bad deal.

 The cheapest method: coach / bus is the service I used. It was alright, but for only $5 HKD less than the MTR, I can't really recommend it only because it's annoying having to travel through customs with literally a bus-load of people. At least on the MTR, you're on your own time.

The bus itself was really comfortable, so that's one advantage over the MTR.

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