Tuesday, May 4, 2010

General updates / Day 1 of 3 of the Shenzhen + Hong Kong trip: Guangzhou to Shenzhen

The view from the top level of one of my schools - note the blue sky! It's been over 2 months and this was maybe the second or third time I had seen blue in the sky due to the combination of the natural moisture in the air as well as the wonderful pollution.

*Fishing* in one of the local artificial lakes.

The same location but to the side - this counts as waterfront property, right?

Those too.

Behold, the vitasoy: 2 yuan ($0.29 USD) for a cold, refreshing, healthy chocolate soy drink.

Leaving for Shenzhen 4/30/2010:

This was a 3 day holiday weekend for the Chinese due to Labor Day, so there were plenty of other travelers heading off to see family in other cities. Apparently this holiday used to be an entire week several years ago...

A blurry picture of the Guangzhou East railway station.

First class all the way! 95 yuan ($14 USD) gets you a 1 hour train ride in first class all the way to Shenzhen. I checked out the seats in the economy class (75 yuan, or $11 USD) and they weren't much different. So what's the difference between economy class and first class, then? In first class, you're guaranteed a seat. That's really all, though.

Our train at the Shenzhen station.

This dish is an eggplant with a ton of minced garlic - it was amazing. To be honest I've only had 1 dish of eggplant here that I didn't care for; I didn't even know I could like eggplant until I came to China. Also, I'm pretty sure I have a picture of Josh in the exact same pose somewhere in a previous post...

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