Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Final May Updates: Guangdong Museum, Loft 345, and Guangzhou movie/tv studios

I know I said I would try to avoid long-winded updates, but I actually forgot how behind I got with pictures, so I apologize in advance for the following:

I was on the metro several weeks ago and got approached by a woman who spoke a little English, who gave me her card, for some kind of modeling/talent agency.

Me? Seriously? Um, okay.

It turns out foreigners willing to be a part of tv and movies out here are in short supply, so it results in recruitment on the streets like this. Sometimes, there's some sort of catch, like you need headshots and they *happen* to know just the right person for the job for *only* $500 USD or more. I figured I had enough free time to give this a shot, and they were on a movie studio lot, so it sounded semi-legitimate. Worst case, I get to go see a studio lot. Cool.

"Call us for all your non-Chinese acting needs!"

If there was somebody around to whom I could have asked "...can I take this for a spin?" then believe me, I would have.

That, too.

Hmm, funny, I seem to remember a studio in LA with one of these.

Lots of cats wandering around for some reason.

View of both the IFC building and the TV tower from out front.

The contrast of security there compared to any place in LA was interesting, and there seemed to be a ton of people actually living on the lot in apartments, but I'm not sure what the specifics are regarding that.

The whole place wasn't very big, but it was still interesting.

Anyway, it was actually legitimate. They took a few pictures (free of charge), I was unprepared for that but whatever, and I haven't heard anything since. Whatever. I didn't want to be in your movie about Bruce Lee anyway...


To further emphasize my point about recruiting foreign actors/models, I went to the 7-11 nearby to get a Gatorade after the meeting, and I was approached by yet another lady about a movie. She asked about my schedule, took a few pictures, had me talk to her boss on her cell phone for a few minutes, and that was it. To be fair, it could have been the same movie...I have no idea.

Mmm, I like dirt with my drink.

I think it might actually be chocolate...or something. At the very least, it's odd imagery...especially to the illiterate foreigner.

I love the bakeries here...these cakes typically sell for around $5 USD depending on the location.

Half-off sushi in China. This means half-off Chinese prices. This means...heaven. What you see (minus the cell phone) cost me about $10 USD. I think my plate-stack beat out the rest of the sushi bar...not that I was competing...

 Salmon sushi and mango with some kind of mayo - surprisingly delicious...just don't dip in the soy sauce.
I figured there might be a slight interest in Chinese police vehicles, so here you go, whoever you are!

*Action shot* of a ride in the rain...I love these guys.

Loft 345: the coolest bar in town.

The sticker on the left says "you ge ren" which means..."have a person." Um, not sure about that one.

Sleeping kitty by the guestbook. Possibly the coolest cat I have ever known; the name was "Baozi."

I thought I got more pictures of the interior but I guess I didn't. If you Google search "Loft 345" you'll find more info and pictures of the interior.

Guangdong Museum

The location of the grand opening of the Asian Games, next Fall, was by the museum.

I should also mention that entrance was free before 4 PM!

The opera house.

Hilarious sign inside.

Only 2,000 years old, you say? Cool.


Made of ivory...wow.

Interior of a cool restaurant we ate at for lunch.

Didn't expect to see one of these while I was here. Well, at least outside of Hong Kong...

More to come...

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