Tuesday, June 8, 2010

White Cloud Mountain (Baiyun Shan) and some general updates

Baiyunshan, aka White Cloud Mountain, is a major tourist attraction in Guangzhou. It's not quite Victoria Peak, but it's still interesting and has different things to offer.

The cable cars are 25 yuan per person to go up, and 15 yuan per person to come back down. If you choose to "hike it," there is a comfortable paved road all the way up, and an alternate path that mostly consists of well-maintained stairs; I was really impressed.

General admission is only 5 yuan (under $1 USD).

...I was also impressed at the age of some of the folks walking up this mountain...

The view from the top, and a view of Josh getting recruited for a picture with a tourist group.

We actually got asked to be in 5 (five) different groups' pictures that day...it was pretty funny.
 So this is what it's like being famous, yet no one knows your name.

 From left to right: Galin (not sure if I spelled that correctly), Josh, Jasmine (with whom Josh and I visited that temple back in April).

In my defense, I just climbed a mountain. Also, that's the first shirt I bought in China, so that's why it doesn't really fit; I'm still proud of it!

It says "THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NOT A CARPET" - no, I don't know why, but I can tell you that's why I bought it.

I was cracking up at this sign; I choose to interpret it as "Warning: cars will chase you" or something like that...

For some reason, Josh, Galin, and Jasmine decided to take their shoes off and take the path that "massages" (see also: tortures) your feet. I stood by, laughed, and took pictures:
 I also enjoyed the scenery, even though it was accompanied by frequent spouts of "ow! ouch!"

Pretty, indeed.

Tons of games of jianzi (shuttlecock) going on.

Josh decided to go bungee jumping; go Josh!

We decided on the cable car for the trip back down.

The temple. It has a name..but...I don't know it.

More of...the temple.

Last glimpse of...the temple.

Not sure how I snuck this picture in; usually they always know when you take a picture of them, and it's always accompanied by the peace sign from Jasmine.

We left the mountain and headed toward downtown to get lunch at the Macau Street Restaurant. I don't have pictures but, take my word for it, it was amazing.
 Well that's not something I expected to see while walking down the street.

...I was dying from laughter.

It was actually a really poor advertisement for a sex shop about 50 feet to the left of this picture.

Seen at the metro station: an advertisement for EF, English First.

I think it's trying to say: "At English First, we tie a white guy to you until you know English."

If not for the pollution, it would have been rather pretty out...



  1. I work at EF... in San Diego. (It's Education First, actually.) Crazy.

  2. Actually, we're both right. English First is apparently a branch off of Education first, from what I've heard. Either way, the ads definitely say English First and use the same EF logo...it *might* be legit lol.