Friday, June 4, 2010

Funny story, which, in my opinion, is analogous of Chinese-American relations:

A couple other American teachers and myself were at a local museum the other day, and we walked by the fossilized remains of an Ichthyosaurus. The Chinese name literally translates to “fish dragon,” which I thought was hilarious (just like “fire chicken” is a turkey and “fire mountain” is a volcano). In the Chinese language, dragons are dinosaurs, and vice versa.

One of the other teachers then turned to me and told me that one of his students apparently believes that dragons were real, but a long time ago.
I then asked if there was a possibility the student was just confusing the English word “dragon” with “dinosaur,” and he realized that was definitely a possibility.

So what I thought was hilarious was the idea that this American is going around telling his friends that his Chinese student believes dragons were real, but I suspect this Chinese student is going around telling her friends that this American teacher thinks dinosaurs were fake…


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