Friday, April 2, 2010

Another day out - Part 1 of 3 - Chen Clan Academy (well, almost), and a big underground mall

I figure I'll try and split these posts up as much as possible to make reading it easier and so I can try and post more often.

Anyway, I went out again last Saturday by basically picking a subway station and going for it.

I ended up trying to get into the Chen Clan Academy but I arrived a little too late, so I'll have to try it again another day.

A back alley somewhere around the Chen Clan Academy. The area by the entrance of the place was all under construction so I had absolutely no idea how to get in; I ended up taking a giant detour around the back side of it, but at least I found this cool alleyway where people live.

There was a pretty big park area outside of the Academy; many people were playing this strange variation of hackey-sack. Be sure to note the age of the people involved! Very interesting. And yes, the physics and object of the game were the exact same, but the object used was different.

Big cement park just past the last picture. The entrance you see to the left is part of a rather large underground mall that I will go over in part 2; also, it is apparently a disaster shelter per the signs posted in the area!


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