Saturday, April 3, 2010

Another day out - Part 2 of 3

The Underground Mall / Emergency Shelter:

This mall was basically an extremely long, narrow passageway with two hallways consisting of a wide variety of tiny shops that were independently leased (I assume) and operated. The base level seemed to have a giant section for furniture and other items for the home; I stayed on the level above it, since I'm not in the market for a new sofa!

Really cool aquariums for sale.

The last thing I expected to encounter was a dance-off. I must say, it was interesting to see people representing this sub-culture in the area. The hairstyles were also...interesting! I can't say that I've seen dreadlocks very often on any locals here!

 Disney merchandise: prices were variable (some good deals, some not so great); it was strange.

One of many many shops in the mall that carried Chinese antiques. Prices were more than reasonable (but still realistic), and I'd absolutely be able to fill a house with the fantastic items I was finding here. Items ranged from tea sets to vases and even furniture.

Loooooooong walk.

The farther I walked, the emptier the stores were - I'm not entirely sure how new this place was.

To emphasize the last point: See those buildings in the far background? That's where I entered the mall. This photo was taken at the opposite end's exit.

Next up: Shamian Island.

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