Friday, April 2, 2010

Zac tries a chicken head and I take a scooter ride

Just a brief update, as I have a heck of a lot of pictures from the last week to post and don't want to overwhelm you!

Monday night was Erick's going away dinner; he's leaving after about a month because the company had him working 6 day weeks at 3 different schools, and they couldn't find a way to resolve this issue (I doubt the company even saw an issue, come to think of it). Either way, both parties seem okay with ending the contracts, and Erick is off to check out Vietnam for a little while, so no big deal!

We ate at a local restaurant and did our usual "umm...let's go for...that" style of ordering.

One of the dishes was a chopped up chicken that they cooked by boiling right there at our table. And of course, it included a lot more of the chicken than we are used to, including the head. So, Zac being the champ he is, just went for it:

Well that's an awful picture of him, isn't it? I think I'll post it anyway.

Going for it.

It really wasn't that special, and he only managed to get a bit of meat off of it. Either way, I still thought it was hilarious and I'm not really sure what he was trying to accomplish!

I was terrified I was going to be late to a school trip this morning (more on this later), so I panicked and did something I told myself I'd never do: take a ride from one of the guys on the electric scooters that drive around all the time soliciting their services by beeping at you. You basically just sit on the back seat (basically a flat cushion) and try and hold on to something for dear life.

It was fantastic:

I gave the guy 10 yuan, probably double what he wanted, but he got me where I needed to go pretty fast! Isn't that a great picture?! Sure beats the bus!


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