Saturday, March 20, 2010

Forgotten pictures

Oops! Found a bunch of pictures I hadn't included in previous posts so I'll just post them now:

From the Women's Day retreat:

Here's a sign. I'm not really sure why I took a picture of it; it's not like I can understand it.

Left side of the small lake.

Overlooking the farm and restaurant.

Night out to Beijing Road - a pedestrian mall (wait, you mean, I don't actually have to worry about getting run over every 30 seconds?):
Zac was on a mission to find a cheap wristwatch. He eventually was led by a random guy down an alleyway, and Josh and I struggled to keep up. We took a turn into a small shop and then went up some suspicious-looking stairs; I thought we were doomed. It ended up being a small shop on the second floor that was well-stocked in your usual "Rolex" watches with other "brands." One salesperson kept asking Josh what he wanted and how much he wanted to pay for it. This was great because Josh had no cash on him and didn't really want anything. The sales person didn't quite get it, so I used my limited Mandarin and told him...but then the salesperson just kept trying to counter-offer Josh's statement of "I have no money." Zac found and purchased his watch, and we left the shop but with the sales guy trailing Josh and continuing to offer lower and lower was pretty funny to observe.

I'm not really sure what this is, but I thought the lights were pretty...

Josh doing an awesome pose with the pedestrian mall in the far background.

Another view. The building with the green lights is far in the background.

General stuff:

Downtown pollution (mixed with moisture in the air).

I just thought it was funny to see all these shipping containers from where they actually come I had to take a picture. This is a couple miles from my apartment.

I was going to cross this intersection, but since it had no real traffic regulators (see also: traffic lights, stop signs, etc) along with dozens of trucks flying through it, I figured that I had better move on...

Gangding - you can buy tons of consumer electronic stuff in this area. This is downtown.

That's all for now!

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