Saturday, March 20, 2010

One more update for now

Just wanted to throw in a few more things:

Generic photos around my district:

Both pictures are from the same bridge at the bus stop, in opposite directions (East and West, roughly).

Night time traffic on my walk home.

A pretty street nearby (there are a lot of travel agencies on this street for some reason).


I love these signs. I really really love these signs. Seen at the metro (shocker).

You can see him if you expand the picture, but there was basically this guy sawing off branches of this tree before it was later removed. He was doing this with no harness, no ladder, nothing.

 Sorry for the blurry image, but this is of the fish section of my supermarket. In the middle is a sting ray cut up in to four sections. They had plenty of live fish available, some of which you can see chopped up in the back a little bit there. Additionally, to the left of this picture were a few containers of live turtles of various species.

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