Sunday, March 14, 2010

A note about the movie industry in China

I think this is absolutely fascinating regarding China. (Whether or not I ever end up working in the industry, I will always have a weakness for movies):

The movies here cost a whopping 60 yuan - 120+ yuan depending on what cities you go to. Essentially, there is no mass-viewing that you see in the states. You pay 120 yuan - 150 yuan in the major cities to see a movie with a dozen or so other people in a very luxurious setting. I find this absolutely incredible. Could you imagine paying $40+ US for a movie in the US to see it in this setting? Absolutely not. We'll take the cheap, crowded theaters any day.

This is so fascinating to see an entire industry in China that has yet to be completely revolutionized.

Movie theaters here are too expensive; end of story. More citizens would be frequenting the theaters if it was cheaper and more accessible, like it is in the US. Additionally, it wouldn't hurt if the Chinese government didn't restrict the foreign movies imported to China. I believe this will change over time, anyway - I think it's the movie theaters that will be harder to change than the government's view.

Avatar made $182 million USD in China - most people I've talked to here have seen it. They love it. They absolutely love it here. Some of my students even equate me to the tall blue people in the movie...

It's absolutely fascinating to see an entire industry like this just waiting to be completely revolutionized in a country of 1.2 billion people...

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