Saturday, March 27, 2010

General Update

Just a general update from the last week:

Guangzhou gets a facelift before the Asian Games: bamboo scaffolding is going up all over the city as they try and make the facades look better than they do now, but I have yet to see any finished products of this process. I also find it interesting how workers let the general public get so close to their seems dangerous, but it's pretty common. I try and steer clear when I can.

Makeshift dormitories are commonplace at construction sites for the workers of high-rise projects (unrelated to the last picture).

Traffic was so bad the other day, that cars and trucks were using this sidewalk area to drive on. This was not very fun for me on my walk home...

 I finally remembered to get pictures! The two kids in the front were hilarious; they had some kind of weird cheerleader energy to them and I couldn't stop laughing in class because of how insane they were.

I like how blurry the kids came out in these pictures, because it really shows their energy, haha!

Pictures of my other school.

I have yet to see anybody use this track...

On Tuesday, one of the teachers from my first school invited some of her colleagues and myself to visit her brand new apartment, about 300 feet from the school! She lives on the 14th floor, and I couldn't stop taking pictures of the view:

I absolutely could not get enough of this view!


That's all for now!


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