Thursday, March 18, 2010

My district

So the city is basically huge: about 10+ million people.

It's separated by sections known as districts, which are governed individually. I'll dedicate this post to introduce you a bit to my district: Huang Pu (yeah yeah laugh it up).

There is a street here that has a ton of fashion shops that have sales...all the time. They also love playing techno music to attract buyers. Party on, dudes.

Here's a river. And a pole. It's a pretty sweet pole.

Disney shop for kids. Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are huge here with the kids. Huge.

Cars drive and park on sidewalks. They like sneaking up from behind you, too. I think it's going to take me a month after I get back to shake the feeling that I'm about to get run over by something.

Traffic! Basically, this picture is almost video.

Here is part of the walk to my apartment. In this picture you can see a brand new "mall." It looks 100% completed but it's missing some key stuff inside (like the movie theater they advertise on the OUTSIDE).

I should also mention that the guy with the yellow vest is a crossing-guard of sorts. He is there to yell at people that do not walk their bikes across the intersection, and to blow his whistle. These guys are at most major intersections and they absolutely love their whistles.

A view to the left [West], toward my apartment. I think way in the background (about 7,000 miles or so) is California. Hi!

New construction near my building. The odd part is that I have yet to see anybody actually working on these buildings. This is perhaps due to the labor shortage I have heard about, or maybe they just ran out of funding.

The bus stop near my apartment. Nice, eh?

At the bottom here is the little convenience store near my apartment. It's nice but kind of pointless when most of their stuff is old and there is a nice supermarket down the street 10 minutes or so. In the background is my building.

Just up ahead to the left!

And that's about it for the little tour.

Here's a bonus for you: jazzercise! 

I'm going to go ahead and assume that they don't call it that here, but the concept is the same. This picture was taken at the local park at about 7:30 PM one night. Basically, they play music and all do a routine to it; it's adorable. As Frank said, "their goal is to sweat." It's free, because it's just a bunch of community members that participate; it's great!

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