Saturday, March 27, 2010

More about food (no dogs...I think)

This one's addicting: an awesome spicy chicken sandwich, fries, and a coke from McDonald's. 15 yuan from 11 am to 2 PM (lunch time) equals about $2.20 USD - they have this special every day at this time!

Okay, I might have splurged on Monday. Sushi combo meal + more sushi + drink = 41 yuan, or $6. Still not bad!

The sushi place is on the left. Both places are owned by the same person, who is incredibly friendly to me. He brought me a newspaper while I waited for my sushi; it was in Chinese, so I just looked at the pictures, but it was still nice of him!

Much better for my wallet: 7 yuan for the beef noodles and 3.5 yuan for the beef...wrap...things on the right = 10.5 yuan, or about $1.54.

Also good: this dish of some kind of fried rice with what I hoped was beef. It was delicious! 7 yuan ($1.02) from some kind of small, ethnic restaurant a couple blocks away.

Another addiction of mine: some kind of sweet bread I find all over the place at the bakeries everywhere. Super cheap (3 yuan to maybe 9 yuan) and always good!


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