Sunday, March 21, 2010

More on the Guangzhou Metro

The line to my district is only a few months old, and it's pretty nice:

All metro stations have these sliding doors that prevent anybody from straying from the platform.

Here is one of the newer trains at my station with the doors open.

Some, not all, of the trains have this super awesome map that shows what stations the train has passed as well as which ones are coming up; this is absolutely fantastic!

One of the downsides is that the trains can get pretty crowded.

It can get pretty entertaining to watch the locals run to empty seats, sort of like musical chairs. The best part is watching them do it even when there are plenty of seats to go around...I'm not sure what that's about.

I can't really complain about the crowds on the metro, because it's to be expected in a city this big. Only rarely do I see really large crowds, anyway.

However, the absolute major gripe I have with this city's public transportation system is that it all but shuts down by 11 PM at the latest, with some buses running later (barely any). The subway in my area closes at around 10:30 PM, Friday and Saturday included. What in the Hell is that about? This is a modern, urban city with 10+ million people and they can't even keep their transportation system running past a teenager's curfew, even on weekends? This essentially forces you to use a cab for transportation, which is easily 8+ times the cost of a metro trip.

I'm not sure what this is based on: control over the people or control over costs.

Furthermore, I doubt it helps the city's DUI incidents (and yes, they do care about DUI's here).

Either way, it's garbage...

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  1. HAHA I totally agree u about the shut down at 11pm. BUT Japan does it too. Supposedly people say if you miss it, that means sleeping overnight at a hotel & if u spot someone of the opposite gender who also missed it, there is 90% chance ur bunking with them ;)